David Choi FRCS PhD 

David Choi FRCS PhD 


Spine and Skull-Base Surgery




Common treated conditions include:

Lumbar disc disease, disc prolapse, back and leg pain

Cervical disc disease, cervical fusion and artificial disc replacement, neck pain, spinal cord compression, nerve root compression

Chiari malformation


Complex spine

and skull base


Specialist conditions treated include:

Spinal tumours (primary spine tumours, metastatic disease, Schwannomas, Meningiomas, Ependymomas) Spine and Clivus Chordomas, Sarcomas

Specialist techniques:

Endoscopic surgery, microsurgery, minimally invasive pedicle screws, open spinal instrumentation, craniocervical junction surgery, C1-2 surgery, neuronavigation


Nerve repair

Spinal Injury, Brachial plexus injury

Cellular therapies

Olfactory ensheathing cells, Good Manufacturing Practice

Spinal tumours

Surgical techniques and outcomes